In Wall Wi-Fi SOUNDAROUND Controller

Enjoy your favorite music in the most diverse and fun way.  Imagine superb Hi-Fi audio sound quality and listening to any song whenever or wherever you want. The versatility of our SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi system brings you the joys of wireless streaming throughout your home or business.

Control is simple using the Home Studio App for iOS devices and the AllPlay Jukebox App for Android devices. The App allows you to access your music library, stream from the internet, enjoy your music services, listen to different songs in different rooms, control one or all rooms at the same time and adjust the volume level independently.

Live an unforgettable audio experience. Fill your home or business with amazing sound and let your favorite music surround you.

Our Wi-Fi SOUNDAROUND range comprises the In Wall Wi-Fi SOUNDAROUND Controller, together with our standalone SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi Speakers SA 30W & SA 50W.


The In Wall Wi-Fi SOUNDAROUND Controller is focused on the installation market. The standalone SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi Speakers SA 30W & SA 50W are complementary and portable products that co-exist with the In Wall Controller.

The Soundaround Controller offers you three audio sources, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an auxiliary input. It is a custom made audio solution. It's open ended and you can freely choose your loudspeakers to fulfill the specific design requirements of your home or business.

Bluetooth capabilities: to stream music

The SOUNDAROUND Controller offers a Bluetooth option to stream music, so your range of possibilities extends not only to the applications on the AllPlay Jukebox App but to all of those that you can play directly from your device, such as Pandora, Youtube or Spotify in its free version.

But this is not all, once you pair your device using Bluetooth, you can RE-STREAM Bluetooth using the AllPlay Jukebox App to other rooms in your home or business, and turn your Bluetooth signal into a MULTIROOM system. This feature also applies to the Audio In option.

Installation and power requirements

Basic Installation












Power Requirements

The Controller is powered from an external power supply unit. Any 24Vdc, 15Vdc, 12Vdc power supply may be used depending on the audio output needed and the number of Controllers installed.
















 See the user and installation manual for further details.

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