Quality Policy

EISSOUND, S. L., (EISSOUND) was founded in 1993 to introduce a novel idea to the Multiroom Audio Sector: we created the first Audio Control Unit designed to fit aesthetically with the most popular light switches. Since then, we have continued to surprise the sound sector with new products. Our revolutionary way of thinking means our product range is constantly evolving.

Our focus on quality, innovation and specialization, together with our vision of expanding the company internationality obliges us to continually assess our surroundings and our necessities and adjust our strategy in the short, medium and long term to the circumstances.

The ever changing technological and economic markets that we do business in require that we are capable of adapting in a rapid, flexible and efficient way.


EISSOUND's mission is to develop, manufacture and sell audio products that allow the user to enjoy the music stored in their devices or being streamed from the internet and satisfy the demands created by technological and market opportunities.


Our products incorporating the latest available technologies offer audio solutions for a segment/niche of the

international market that values and appreciates the following concepts:

  • High quality (life style, sound, design)
  • Simplicity
  • No clutter
  • Reliability
  • Up to date image, minimalistic design
  • Elegance and comfort
  • Current technology


In this respect, EISSOUND has established the following polices:

  • To continually provide audio solutions with the most advanced technology to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations (whether it be our distribution channel or our end consumers) and the several opportunities that the market segment in which we operate presents us.
  • To be aware of and comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products in the different geographical areas where we do business.
  • To build and cement a long term beneficial relationship with our customers and suppliers that allows us to develop and sell products that meet the demands of the market as efficiently as possible (time to market).
  • To continue to improve the productivity and efficiency in the company procedures to avoid product failures and claims from customers while at the same time improving the company’s capacity to remain innovative and competitive.
  • Ensure that the related human, material, technical and economic resources are in place to be aware of the latest technologies available to our sector.
  • Implicate all members of the company in fulfilling this policy.

The planning, maintenance and control of the quality management of EISSOUND system will at all times be focused on these principles by establishing specific objectives for each level and function.


  • PQ-01

  • 01.05.2017

  • Eissound management